Naradipa Poniman

Marketing & Business Development Executive

As an accomplished fin-swimming athlete with a double degree from Bina Nusantara University, he always strives for new challenges and achievements. With a firm entrepreneurial mentality, the mundane 9 to 5 office routine is definitely not on his list. His passion for coffee is solid, as he is one of the masterminds in Never Ending Coffee Roaster, an ever-growing micro-roastery based in Puri Indah - West Jakarta. Loaded with dedication, meet the man that spearheaded our coffee roastery, marketing, and business development strategy.

Dave Setiaputra

Operational & Coffee Executive 

Before he founded a passion for coffee and worked as a barista in Bali’s renowned Hungry Bird, this Prasetiya Mulya Business graduate juggled the branch manager position of an escape room entertainment called Totem and his family business in confectionery. Moving back to Jakarta, the pursuit of his passion for coffee continues. Packed with the knowledge and experiences; he is the man behind our coffee bar, daily operation, and human capital management.

Kuncoro Wibowo

Design & Creamery Executive

Being a fan of ice cream since his childhood, this Bachelor of Design from Bandung Institute of Technology turned Master of Marketing Management from Prasetiya Mulya; concludes that studying business has led him to realize his passion in ice cream making. He then expanded his networks with Indoestri Makerspace and gained knowledge of digital content marketing from GetCRAFT. Brimming with enthusiasm; he is the one behind our brand design development, ice cream bar, and content creation.