One scoop or two scoop dilemma is a never ending loop (we opt for the second one, for sure!). Here’s 5 interesting facts about our favourite cold dessert that we think you should know!

  • Back in the 1700s, ice cream used to be a delicacy enjoyed by the elite and upper-class only

  • Waffle ice cream cones were invented with the help of a waffle vendor, due to high demand of ice cream in the 1940’s edition of St. Louis World’s Fair

  • One of world’s favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla, which mostly sourced from the island of Madagascar and Indonesia

  • Hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to tackle brain freeze, this will help warm the temperature sensors and get your brain out of panic mode.

  • Ice Cream Sundae was created by Ed Berners to get around the Blue Laws, which ban the popular ice cream soda to be sold on Sunday.